Looking for corrugated boxes in bulk but not sure where to find the right manufacturer?

Meghdoot Packaging is a specialist in the manufacturing and designing of world-class packaging solutions.

Guaranteed higher box compression test result (BCT)

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About Us

If you are looking for a one-stop packaging solution, Congratulations! your research ends here.

Meghdoot Packaging is an India based packaging company engaged in designing, printing, manufacturing & exporting a wide range of packaging materials such as corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, BOPP tapes, Bubble Wraps, Courier Bags, Strech Film, etc.

Meghdoot packaging is India's largest and renowned Corrugated box manufacturer. We manufacture packaging boxes of top-notch quality by using premium raw material that can protect all types of products like food, glass items, furniture, sharp items etc in a safe and efficient manner. At Meghdoot Packaging we understand that our success is dependent upon our client’s happy faces. We offer top quality packaging materials at factory prices.

Since 1980, Meghdoot Packaging has been a specialist in the manufacturing of full-service packaging materials.


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Guaranteed higher box compression test result (BCT)

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Why choose Meghdoot Packaging for all your packaging material requirements?

We offer a 6 colour high definition, high graphic printing for all type of corrugated boxes ensuring lower box price with paramount print quality.

24X6 days of production operation to meet all the requirements & urgencies of the clients.

100% focus on customer delight. A Dedicated team of relationship managers at your service.

340 Quality Checkpoints to ensure great quality of product

We offer the highest level of precision for boxes used in automatic packing machines, whereby our box quality ensures smooth and optimum speed of automatic packing lines.

We have a fleet of 150+ trucks having GPS enabled which ensures the highest level of servicing to the clients.

Manufacturing campus of 14 acres with a production capacity of converting 17000mt of paper per month.

For the manufacturing of high-quality corrugated boxes, we use Europian machines & technology.

7 Reasons why you should buy a carton or corrugated boxes?

  1. Every year more than 95% of new products fail because of poor packaging.
  2. Paper-based packaging like corrugated boxes and duplex cartons reaches you faster than any other form of packaging.
  3. In transit, corrugated boxes or cardboard cartons can help you save over 90% of space as they can be transported in flat form.
  4. Research has shown that nearly as many consumers (10%) consider a product’s packaging almost as important as the brand itself (12%).
  1. Consumers generally form the impression of a brand (and indeed many other things) within 7 seconds. Your product’s packaging is the first thing the consumer sees or touches.
  2. Your dispatch time can be improved by over 41% if you pay attention to your packing process and the type of packaging you are using.
  3. Around 52% of online shoppers that receive their order in custom box or custom packaging say that they are more likely interested in buying from the same company for their requirements in future.

What do our clients say about us?

Meghdoot has delivered more than 5 billion boxes in the last decade ensuring zero rejection and delivering just in time. Meghdoot has thought out of the box giving innovation and saving right from delivery to product value re-engineering etc.

Experience 17% higher BCT on your existing specifications


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Guaranteed higher box compression test result (BCT)

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