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Even After buying box from Automatic line corrugated box manufacturer. Are you still having sleepless nights?

13 Must-check points before choosing Corrugated box Manufacturer

  1. Speed of the automatic Board Making line
  2. Technology used at single facer for Making flutes
  3. Tension mechanism for  paper running on the  machine.
  4. Stress on the paper while flute formation.
  5. Glue application process and quantity of glue applied at single facer and gluing unit.
  6. Board Callipper loss on the  printing machine.
  7. Accuracy of pre creasing and creasing at the  printing machine.
  1. Accuracy of the folding at the folder gluer machine.
  2. Total investment on machinery used for manufacturing process.
  3. Share of business allocated to the supplier for each existing customer of the manufacturer.
  4. Value re-engineering capability of the product.
  5. Meeting all the environmental norms.
  6. Maintenance cost incurred in last financial year.

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Why Meghdoot as Preferred Corrugated Box Manufacturer

Made in Europe machine technology put to use for manufacturing corrugated boxes.

Saved Rs. 10 million for each 7 customers last year by just value re-engineering.

Offering highest level of precision for boxes used in Automatic packing machines, whereby our box quality ensures smooth and optimum speed of automatic packing lines.

Offering 6 colour high definition, high graphic printing for all type of corrugated boxes ensuring lower box price with paramount print quality..

Fleet of 150+ trucks GPS enabled ensuring highest level of servicing to the clients..

24X6 days production operation to meet all the urgencies of the clients and timely delivery.

Machines with extremely fast job changeover capability ensuring right quality in time every time.

Lowest employee turnaround, technically qualified manpower in production, quality assurance and most importantly maintenance team ensuring sustainable continuity and right quality in time every time.

Covering distance of 1700 Kms to supply corrugated boxes ensuring right quality in time every time.

Manufacturing campus of 14 acres with production capacity of converting 17000 MT of paper per month.

15 days payment terms to all raw material suppliers ensuring high quality, low price and prompt service from raw material suppliers.

  • Today packaging is a hot topic, everyone focused on recyclable and reusable packaging solutions. So are we! Focusing on quality fibres using no more material than necessary.
  • Committed to using energy efficiently, using cleaner fuels, reducing emissions and contributing to tackling climate change. Ensuring business continues to deliver sustainable long-term value.
  • Realising full potential of our people we thrive and grow together, creating engaging work place providing opportunity for all. respecting our people through shared value and standards
  • Everyone coming to our site should go home healthy and safe is our number one priority. Every single day our health and safety vision is the zero harm.
  • Shopping habits eveolve consumer expectations change, supply chains becoming more complex, thus packaging has to work harder than ever before tacting products, building brands delighting customers and make supply chains more efficient. The right packaging does all of this sustainably.



Meghdoot has delivered more than 5 billion boxes in last decade ensuring zero rejection and delivering just in time. Meghdoot has thought out of the box giving innovation and saving right from delivery to product value re-engineering etc.


Meghdoot has been a frontrunner in quality and service for a decade to us. Apart from from price competitiveness, Meghdoot’s NPD team gave instant solution for our export boxes.

Parle Agro

The relationship with Meghdoot started three years ago from our Sitarganj plant. We were stunned with the speed of initial development at the timelines unbelievable. Meghdoot was a great help in ensuring smooth startup of our auto packing machines. Quality.


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